There is only one God! The GREAT I AM that I AM… This God is full of wonders! He is both the merciful and the consuming fire Himself! He will soon judge the world. Are you on the Lord’s side or on the side of Satan? The alters of Baal has taken over many Pastor’s pulpits. The messengers of Satan are controlling many Churches and they are waxing strong according to the Bible.

2 TIM3:13: So be on the Lord’s side and make sure your garment is undefiled. The world will soon explode. Repent or you perish

LUKE 13:3: He that have ear let him hear…There is no shortcut to heaven. Give your life to Christ and continue to live a holy life which the Bible says without it no eye can see the Lord.

Hebrew 12:14: Any other way apart from Christ is FAKE. Remember that Miracles will fail. Prophesy will cease. Money, titles, accomplishments, etc will have no meaning. They will all fail. But, the Word of God cannot fail! Do not be deceived and do not harden your heart. Whatever you are doing now is being recorded and you shall give account of how you spend your life to God. We shall all give account. You shall give account, even you as a pastor, teacher, apostle, bishop, evangelist, prophet, homosexual, lesbians, fornicators, adulterer. Get ready! Jesus is coming very soon and he shall reward or punish every one accordingly. Hell is real and Heaven is real. Where will you spend eternity?