The message of Jesus Christ must go world wide!

Friends, the message of Jesus must go wide world! Sin must not rule the people of God…abomination is happening on the surface of the earth and many ministers of God have walked away from the original teachings of the Bible because of love of money. Their love of money has been leading people astray from God’s word. Church is not just a place that we go to every weekend. The Church is composed of God’s people, and we must minister to them!

By His Grace I am Prophetess Mrs. Chinwe Sylvia Ezebuiro, I was called By God into His vineyard in the year 1999 August 27th. After doing all my best to run away from this calling I finally had the courage to receive the blessings that God had in store for my life. Each time I said NO I am not ready!! God struck me with illness for ignoring and avoiding his word. The last time he struck me with illness, I almost died. It last happened at Princess Medical Centre in Nigeria. He struck me on that date with an enlarged and damaged kidney. But, I saw the error of my ways. I saw Jesus Christ and He told me to go back and serve Him and preach to people to live in Holiness and righteousness and prepare them for His rapture!

I woke up healthy and sound in the hospital bed and the doctors were afraid. They did not think I would live and were already preparing to inform my relatives of the situation. By 2002, I was working for God full time. My whole day is now devoted to praying and teaching the word of God to others. I pray for people and tell them to live rightly before God. If we follow God’s word, he will bless us with the power of the Holy Spirit. It is now 2020 and we have a church in Nigeria. The people bought the land, and we built the church of God together: Holiness Power and Prayers Ministers International. Each day, souls are reclaimed in the name of Jesus Christ. Each day, God has been faithful and good to our congregation. I am no longer ill. God has blessed me with three kids and they are doing well in the Lord. I understand now that my mission is to preach and teach God’s people how to live a clean life and prepare them for His coming. God warned me to keep preaching the word and to tell his people unrighteousness and un-Godly living will lead them straight to HELL FIRE.